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You need a great résumé to get the interview. You need to know how to interview properly to get the 2nd interview. You need to know how to set yourself apart from the other final contenders to GET THE JOB! Certified Professional Résumé Writers are on staff to help.       

Call CD STAFFING SOLUTIONS - (860)640-4866 for your Résumé, Interviewing, and Recruiting needs!                                                                                       

How much will this cost?

Most résumé services cost hundreds of dollars, BUT WE DON'T! Why? Because we're a small office with not a lot of overhead costs! We give you personalized service and your résumé and cover letter are completed within a couple days. While prices will vary for every person, we offer a FREE phone consultation and will give you a price quote and time line after a short conversation.

For an entry level, non-experieced candidate - our rates average out to about $70 for one (1) cover letter and one (1) résumé.

It doesn't end with the résumé - the next step is correct interviewing. Interview Q&A, mock interviews, and checklists are given during an Interview Prep session. After some time with our professionals, you will go into your interview completely prepared for any question they may ask and you'll leave a lasting impression. Our staff knows how to train you and we have been told that our Interview Prep classes were the "MOST USEFULL CLASS EVER GIVEN".

  • Want to save money?

For a group workshop $100 can get you a Certified Professional Résumé Writer to come talk to your group for one hour. You will write your cover letter and résumé yourself, but the floor is open for any questions and concerns.

If you can get four people in one session that's only $25 a person for a lifetime of Career Assistance or Business Writing knowledge!

We currently offer the following CLIENT services at a very low cost.                              

RECRUITING: We are willing and able to recruit all positions in all industries from IT to Executive to Sales to Industrial! We have former recruiters on staff that truly know the ins and outs of the recruiting world and how to spot and claim quality candidates.

We also offer a Recruiter's Recruiter Splits Package. For those small recruiting agencies that don't want to hire another employee (and pay all those benefits and salaries!) but need assistance with a requirement - we are here to help.

Please call 860-640-4866 or email HR@cdstaffing.net